Matt Kreimer

betway Live CasinoInvestment Banking Analyst - Guggenheim Partners (NYC)

LITG President (Graduated 2022)


“My involvement in LITG was the single most applicable college activity I was a part of to what I am doing in my current job. The experience of analyzing a company from an investor perspective while working Betway Online Casino Gamesas a collective team well prepared me for work after college. Learning how to react in real-time with tangible invested capital is an unparalleled experience that goes above and beyond what is covered in the classroom. The ability, gained through LITG involvement, to articulate a perspective with conviction and relevant analysis to back it up is a skill that has great value, no matter what career path students choose to pursue.  

In addition to developing relative skills to be successful on the job, LITG was an excellent talking point in interviews because of the relevance to the jobs I was interested in. Betway Live Casino GamesI am confident I wouldn’t have landed my job without my experience at LITG.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that LITG has provided me and other CU students.”