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One Line Synopsis

The Digital Church attemps to re-program the residents of Boulder Colroado into its fantical religous army, and it goes very, very worng.

Short Backstory & Setup

Kurtz the Programmer, is the mad prophet of the Digital Church, a cyber-vodoo cult. The Digital Church's holy Sacrament is “The Buzz,” a digital drug technology that mimics the effects of organic drugs such as ecstasy or marijuana. He declares holy war on the American government and decides to forcibly convert the residents of Boulder's Colorado into his own personal religious army by using a new Buzz app, the Bliss, which permanently turns the user into a true believer fanatic of the Digital Church. But Bliss app is buggy and inadvertently turns many users into “cat people” While most of the Catz sort-of obey Kurtz, some of the “outside cats” go feral and turn into gleeful predators. Kurtz throws a huge Digital Church service / free rave, were he turns the attendees into Catz and unleashes them to forcibly convert the rest of Boulder into his own fanatical religious army of Cat People.

Big Backstory & Setup

Seemingly out of nowhere, The Digital Church arises.

Kurtz the Programmer is the mad prophet his new religion; The Digital Church. Kurtz could best be described as a Rock Star meets Steven Job's who took that last big step into self proclaimed Messiah-hood. The Digital Church is essentially an updated model of the Dionysus / Bacchus cult of ancient Greece and Rome. It is a religion that preaches the path to enlightenment lies not in self denial, but in excess — losing oneself in sensation.

Digital Church informal tag line: “self enlightenment and none of that self-denial crap!”

Kurtz The Programmer grows ever-more paranoid and crazy and all powerful within his drug cult.

The Digital Church's holy Sacrament is The Buzz. The Buzz uses ontogenetic tech (a real technology) to reprogram the users neuro pathways to experience a drug high modeled on organic drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy, opiates, endocrines, or sex.

The Buzz is built into an ornate metal mask worn by the user. The masks are modeled on Mardi Gras or carnival themes.

At the Digital Church's Rave - Service, the parishioners put on the mask and launch the digital drug app of their choice. In slang, the user is now “wearing the app.” The user immediately removes the mask, but experiences the effect for several hours during the Rave Service.

The Digital Church's PR platform of Forgiveness, Family, and Future has great appeal. The on-demand digital drugs, sex, and rave-like services don’t hurt either.

The style of the Church, reflecting its roots in the university recreational drug culture, is rave music video — and this show never stops.

Unknown outside the Digital Church’s, The Buzz has a secrete app, The Bliss. The Bliss, allegedly pure religious ecstasy, permanently reprograms the user into a fanatic follower of the Digital Church.

Unfortunately, the alpha release of the Bliss app is buggy to the point of being completely fucked up. The Bliss turns users into semi-obedient “cat people,” the Catz. The Catz keywords: self-centered, independent, predatory, violent, don’t-give-a-shit. Some users, more “outside cat” then others, simply go feral, turning into gleeful predators. Catz have increased strength, speed, and tolerance for pain and shock, with a correspondent decrease in upper brain function (the user stops “thinking” and exist in the ever-present Zen “now,” The Bliss.)

Kurtz and his Apostles have realized they have big problems with The Bliss code, but intend to do an upgrade. Kurtz has no idea just how buggy the code really is.

Kurtz learns the Fed’s are planning to categorize digital drugs, specifically The Buzz, as a class one narcotic, ban the church, and arrest everyone. Kurtz, supremely confident that he is the Chosen One of the One True Religion, decides if the Fed’s want war — he’ll serve it to them. And while he might be crazy, he is a highly educated crazy who knows that “god favors whoever has the biggest army.”

Kurtz immediately improvs a new plan, throw a huge free Rave - Service! (Kurtz has been wearing the Cocaine app for several days.)

The free party is advertised as a combination Digital Church Rave Service (already very popular) and the set for shooting a Digital Church music video. The door is free for anyone as long as they wear the provided masks (The Buzz) as music video props.

Kurtz’s plan is to forcibly mass convert the party attendees into Catz, and use them to forcibly convert the rest of Boulder into his own personal religious army. By the time Monday morning rolls round, Kurtz and the Digital Church will have a religious army of hundreds of thousands — all willing to kill and die for their new One True Faith. (However, technically, the many Catz are willing to kill for no reason at all.) Simultaneously, Kurtz prepares his Missionaries to spread the gospel of the Digital Church to other cities.

Kurtz estimates that it will take the months before the Feds man up enough to attack an entire American City, and by that time, it will be too late, the Digital Church will be everywhere and unstoppable…


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