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Shooting tests and short films.

Currently shooting Catz tests.

Catz Keywords: decreased intelligence, increased speed and strength, vampire like, sneaky, almost completely non-verbal, self-contained, individual, stylish, self-aware, sexual, gleefully violent.

Catz are people who have voluntarily or involuntarily become members of the Digital Church. Their conversion turns them into "Cat-like People." They are not literally cat-people, there are no physical changes, its all mental. They exhibit some cat-like behaviors. In many respects, they are very vampire like. You could walk past a Catz on the street and not give them a second look.

Catz have enhanced back brain function; speed, reaction times, etc,. But they also have repressed frontal lobe activity such as analytical thinking, language, empathy, etc. They are very fast and coordinated - professional athlete grade, but do not "think." They have very acute senses - but are easily startled and do not deal well with surprises, especially extreme noises. They can quickly flip between fight or flight. They mostly follow Kurtz the programmer - but are easily distracted and often get carried away by The Hunt.

To paraphrase an old song: there is sex in their violence.

Catz Look.
The Catz are very self-satisfied and self aware. Unlike Zombies, Catz are stylish, attractive and sexy - and they know it. The Digital Church's rave-services are modern rave, but with a voodoo edge. The look can vary from; rave, goth, or festival.

Catz Fighting; Tactics and Weapons.
Catz violence is not personal, its entertainment, a cat batting around a wounded mouse. They are very sneaky.
They prefer to use knifes. The females like to wear an ancient Egyptian “tiger claw;” which is a very short, 1” long, curved mini knife that slips over the thumb. It looks like gold jewelry and is very good at slicing open throats.





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