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Business Plan, short web version .

Our Mantra: Everyone gets paid to make films that get seen.

Core idea: if we can create regional cash flow (like regional theater,) we can continue getting paid to make films that get seen until we get national distribution. Just like a local playwright doing local theater until he gets a hit.

The Secret, my revelation: regional art gets seen and everyone gets paid if it provides the audience with a “live experience.”
1.) Regional theater is successful because the audience has an experience.
2.) Local bands cannot sell records, yet sell out venues, because a live performance provides an experience.
3.) Film festivals offer "B" movies that no-one watches, yet sell out because the audience gets the festival experience.

The core concept is offering a "live experience" in addition to the film.

We have regional gala premieres, followed by euro style club showings. Cast and crew get to walk the red carpet. At the shows we offer a hybrid theater experience. Meet the cast and crew. Meet and network with other creatives. A casting session for the next film. Have a band or DJ.

The premieres provide publicity which is leveraged into regional digital download sales.

The success of the regional premiere is then used to pitch for national distribution.

But regardless if we achieve national distribution, everyone gets a check, has their movie seen by large, live audiences, and experience the ultimate wrap party / premiere.

Innate to this process is that we produce a finished, viewable movie that can be used as reel material, along with press clippings.

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